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Alright, buckle up, folks! We’re about to embark on a wild ride to save your phone from the watery depths of despair. Ever had one of those “oops” moments where your phone takes a dive into the drink? Yeah, it’s a real bummer, especially for your phone’s speakers. But don’t fret, we’ve got a nifty trick up our sleeve to fix your speaker and phone!

You see, sound isn’t just for jamming out to your favorite tunes or listening to your boss drone on during a conference call. It’s also a pretty darn effective way to boot water out of your phone. By playing a specific tone, the sound waves start a dance party that shakes the water right out of your speakers. And is your personal DJ, spinning the same beats that Apple uses in its Apple Watch’s water ejection feature. It’s like a mini rave for your phone, minus the glow sticks!

Want to see this magic in action? The technique is a free and user-friendly tool that promises to do a bang-up job in kicking water out of your phone. So, next time your phone decides to take a swim, you’ll be ready!

But hold up! If your phone decides to take a dip in saltwater, it’s time to call in the pros. Just like you wouldn’t want to DIY a root canal, you’ll want a specialist to handle this one. And remember, keeping your phone’s speaker clean and dry is the key to preventing any damage or malfunction.

Now, why should you bother with all this? Well, water and dust are like uninvited guests at your phone’s party. They can sneak in through accidental spills, humid environments, or dirty pockets and cause all sorts of havoc, like:


  • Muffled or distorted sound (like listening to music underwater)
  • Reduced volume or clarity (like your phone’s on mute)
  • Shortened battery life or overheating (no one likes a hot phone)
  • Corrosion or damage to the speaker components (the ultimate party foul)

To avoid these party poopers, you need to clean your phone speaker from water and dust ASAP. But don’t go all MacGyver on your phone with toothpicks or cotton swabs. You might end up causing more harm than good.

That’s where sound comes in. It’s like the bouncer at your phone’s party, creating vibrations that push out any liquid or debris that’s crashed the scene. It’s safe, simple, and effective.

So, how do you get this party started? You’ll need a web app that can generate high-frequency sounds. These sounds are like the silent disco of the sound world – you can’t hear them, but they can create strong vibrations that shake off any water or dust particles.

Here’s the game plan once you’ve opened the website on your phone:


  • Disconnect from any Bluetooth speaker or earbuds if you’re using them. You want the sound to come out of your phone’s built-in speakers only.
  • Crank up your phone volume to the max. This will ensure that the sound is loud enough to create vibrations that can kick out any water or dust.
  • Tap or Click on the “Speaker” button
  • Repeat this step until you see no more water or dust coming out of your speakers.

And voila! You’ve just saved your phone from a watery grave. Now, go forth and party on, worry-free!

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